Going Against Culture

Christians believe many things that are controversial in today’s society.  It would not be difficult to find a people that would take issue with how we view divorce and remarriage, homosexuality, abortion, gender issues, or pornography (as well as many other issues). The real controversy moves beyond any specific issue. In his book, Counter-Culture, David platt points out: 

The most offensive claim in Christianity is that God is the Creator, Owner, and Judge of every person on the planet. Every one of us stands before him guilty of sin, and the only way to be reconciled to him is through faith in Jesus, the crucified Savior and risen King. All who trust in his love will experience everlasting life while all who turn from his lordship will suffer everlasting death.

He is right. And as Christians, we must not shy away from the offence that is caused by the gospel; it is our only hope for salvation. However, the gospel does not stop at salvation.  It is continues to working us by shaping our lives, informing our decisions, and building our worldview.  

In Counter-Culture, David Platt helpfully presents the gospel as the foundation of our lives and how we can apply it to some of the most pressing issues of our day.  Specifically, he seeks to show “how the gospel moves Christians to counter all of these issues in our culture with conviction, compassion, and courage.”  Topics that are covered in the book include: poverty, homosexuality, racism, sex slavery, immigration, abortion, persecution, orphans, and pornography.

The book is a great resource to consider as we go through our current series on world view.  Check it out here!

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