Going Against Culture

Christians believe many things that are controversial in today’s society.  It would not be difficult to find a people that would take issue with how we view divorce and remarriage, homosexuality, abortion, gender issues, or pornography (as well as many other issues). The real controversy moves beyond any specific issue. In his book, Counter-Culture, David platt points out: 

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Peace on Earth, Peace with God

In Luke 2:14, we read the words of the angels to the shepherds, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased.”  

Christmas is known as a joyful time filled with family, food, presents, and warmth.  But if we are honest, many times that joy is intermingled with hurt.  Christmas can remind us of our broken relationships, the difficulty of life, and of how lonely we are. In other words, we can feel a lack peace (wholeness, fullness, and freedom from conflict).

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Encouragement, Hope, and Identity

How many times do you feel overwhelmed by life? There is too much going on to handle, your heart is heavy, and you can’t see an easy way out. Sometimes it may even seem like it would be easier to walk away from it all and start fresh somewhere else. Sometimes our lives can feel a bit like we are drowning.  We struggle to get our heads above the water, we are gasping for air, and can’t help ourselves.

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