4 Pillars

Here at FBC we structure our outreach around 4 pillars of Discipleship, Evangelism, Fellowship, and Worship.


Discipleship is the first pillar that FBC rests upon. This pillar needs to provide opportunities to train our church family for a lifetime of Christian service. Effective ministry needs to provide training to understand the truths of Scripture and the methods and behaviours to live them out [2 Tim 2:2]. It is important to teach our church family that they cannot separate spiritual maturity from behaviour. [Acts 2:1-4]


The second Pillar of FBC is Evangelism! We seek to challenge and help excite believers prompting them to declare the good things God has done in their lives and telling others how they may share in the life we have in Christ. This will breed a spiritual culture that is faithful to the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20.


FBC holds fellowship as the fourth Pillar. This involves sharing spiritually, physically and emotionally in the material goods, struggles, truths of God, and victories of Christianity. It may involve money, advice, encouragement, help, prayer, or scripture, thus creating Unity. [Acts 2:41-47]


The third Pillar at FBC is Worship. FBC looks to provide a worship experience that provides an understanding of God in His Holiness. We seek to provide an atmosphere that parallels Isaiah 6 where our congregations sees God and His attributes, recognizes their sinfulness, and encourages Biblical response of changed hearts.