Camp FBC

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Components of Camps


We feel it is important that the kids have a fun and memorable experience. We do this by playing games, doing crafts, or just singing silly camps songs.


We feel that developing and learning new skills is an important experience of a growing child. This is why we focus on a teaching a wide variety of skills ranging from sports, to team building, to baking, and most importantly a Bible camp to providing a firm foundation for children as they grow.


Kids benefit from activity if they are able to experience it. Camp FBC knows that no matter what the theme is for the week the children will need time to let off some energy. That is why we take the time each day to play a variety of different camps games. If it is a warm day outside these games may also include water games.


We are committed to providing a safe place for children from all walks of life to come  and enjoy time together. In doing so we also desire to teach what FBC believes as a Church about who God is, who we are, and why that matters. This means that we take a short amount of time each day to teach the children what FBC believes as a Church.

Sponsors of Camp FBC

Thank you to all those who make running Camp FBC a possibility!

  • Optimist Club of New Hamburg
  • Jocelyn Insurance
  • Erb Transports
  • Beaverdale
  • Lions Club of New Hamburg
  • Poll Transport
  • FBC and the wonderful community of New Hamburg

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