Got Questions?

Where did we come from?  What is our purpose in life?
What happens to us after we die?

      These are some of the questions that we all have to wrestle through in our lives, and it can be difficult to know where to go to find answers.  Alpha is a program that is designed to help you work through questions like these, and understand how they would be answered within a Christian worldview.  Whether you're someone who is curious about a Christian worldview, or you know someone who is, Alpha is a great place to begin finding answers to life's big questions.

How does it work?

Alpha is designed to be a welcoming and open space for you to come ask any of the big questions that may be on your mind.  No question is off limits.  When you come join us for a night of Alpha, the evening will be split into three main sections:

1. Share a meal

      Alpha is meant to be built on relationships, and what better way to build relationships than sharing food together?  Each Alpha night will begin with a family style meal where people will have an opportunity to connect and catch up as you eat.  The meal is a critical part of the evening as it helps to establish a community feeling where people will feel more comfortable to be honest and open with one another during discussion times.

2. Watch a video

      After the meal, we take some time to watch through a video dealing with topics like "Who Is Jesus?", "Why did Jesus have to Die?" and "How and Why Should I Pray?"  Each video is about 20-30 minutes in length and designed to tackle a different big question.  The videos include interviews with people from various backgrounds and worldviews, and are designed to cover the essentials of the given topic, while setting up questions to be discussed afterwards.

3. Discuss

      After the video we take some time to talk through some discussion questions together.  This is not a lesson time with one leader teaching, but rather an open time that is designed to talk about whatever questions people may be working through following the video.  Alpha is a safe place to ask whatever questions you may be working through no matter how big or difficult they may be.  The purpose of Alpha is to work through the tough questions to learn about how they can be answered within a Christian worldview.

Want to know more about Alpha?

Whether you're wanting to try Alpha for the first time, or learn how you can volunteer, we want to hear from you!