Our Vision

What we want to see God do in Baden

Imagine with us

What could happen in Baden

We believe that God wants to do something amazing in the community of Baden.  He has given us a mission to introduce the hope of the Gospel into the heart of our community and the homes of its people.  Join us in imagining what Baden could begin to look like if we faithfully lived out that mission, and pray with us that God would use Baden Central Church to completely transform the community of Baden.

Imagine a
Community Where...

- The Gospel begins to impact the way the community functions.

- As the community grows, people feel welcomed by the warmth and love of Christ through the Church.


- That are built and strenghtened through the power of the Gospel.

- Where members of all ages are deeply invested in and discipled.

Imagine a

- That is known for its love and investment in the community and its people.

- That is established as a trusted pillar within the community.

Ask yourself - What could God do with a church that was committed to living out the Gospel in their community on a daily basis?

Now ask yourself - How could God use you to make this dream a reality?  We'd love to share more about how you can be involved in the ministry of Baden Central Church.